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Fission merges into OneHQ

At Fission we’ve always liked to challenge ourselves, our clients and the IT industry to raise the bar on all aspects of business. Growth for us is at the forefront of this and we have continued to grow steadily over 12 years. Recently Fission made the decision to join forces with a number of other professional service providers to create a new business called OneHQ. OneHQ was born out of the idea that businesses have much broader needs than just one service, so we have come together to provide kiwi businesses with the core professional services they need – accounting, IT, lending and business advisory – under one roof. Over the next month or two Fission will be going through a transition and going forward we will be known as OneHQ. The Fission team are really excited about the opportunities that await us as a team and believe this is a great opportunity for all involved. On behalf of all of us at Fission, we’d like to thank you for taking this journey with us so far and we look forward to continuing working with you as OneHQ.


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IT insights and new products


Security, performance and a good, sharp price

These are probably the three things IT users care about the most – not necessarily in that order. In this issue we have news on all three fronts.

We’re pleased to announce that our chosen firewall partner has come out top in a key industry survey. There’s good news for smartphone users, with the impending release of Samsungs latest Galaxy range. Last but not least, we’ve negotiated two very good deals for you.

Read on to find out more. And enjoy the summer weather as long as it lasts.

Partner Spotlight:
For security, we trust Fortinet

We are constantly reviewing the solutions we use for our clients’ IT security. Our firewall of choice for the last few years has been Fortinet.

So we were pleased to see the results when Gartner released their annual survey of firewalls for small and medium-sized businesses late last year. As you can see, Fortinet was rated very highly.

Almost here – the new Samsung smartphones

The latest flagship Android phones from Samsung are about to be released, with the Galaxy S10, S10+, S10E devices set to arrive in the next few weeks.

So what’s in store for users? With a rumoured three models in the line-up, you’ll have more options than ever. The S10e or S10 Lite will likely be introduced as a less powerful, cheaper, smaller device to compete with the iPhone XR.

We’re expecting a significant hardware upgrade with features like a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen, a ‘punch-hole’ style cutout for the front-facing camera and sensors, and even a triple lens cameras.

The processor has been upgraded to the latest Snapdragon or Exynos offering, with rumours of up to 1TB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM. The S10 range should really pack a punch for those heavy users

Unsurprisingly, this upgrade will come at a cost. Expect a price increase for all the S10 models compared their S9 counterparts.

Fission People:
Meet Caleb Morton

What’s your job title, and what does it involve?
I’m in Technical Sales. Typically, that involves designing and quoting solutions for customers, fielding general queries via email and phone, answering questions about Office 365 and ordering licensing for our many different services. I also manage a number of our customers’ accounts, dealing with general advices, queries, liaising with project engineers, and scheduling meetings to discuss future planning.
What’s your background and how did you come to be working at Fission IT?
Previously I worked in an IT retail store specialising in high-end, custom-made computers. It was an interesting job quoting and building water-cooled gaming machines and expensive 3D modelling workstations for mapping city plans in 3D.
Before that I studied a Diploma in ICT, which set me up for a career in the IT industry.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
Receiving feedback on how a solution we supplied has made a significant impact on a client’s business. Customer satisfaction is something I take personally and feedback is vital in ensuring we do the best job possible for our customers.
How do you spend your time outside work?
I enjoy travelling a lot. There aren’t many places in the North or South Islands that I haven’t been.
I also enjoy working on cars or motorbikes with friends, whether we’re spending a day detailing the exterior or just tinkering with small modifications. If I’m not at some car-related event or working in my garage, I will probably be listening to music, playing a video game or out to dinner with some mates.

Imagine the Internet 20 times faster…

You may have read about the controversy over Huawai’s 5G Internet proposal being knocked back by the government. Why does this matter? It’s because 5G is set to become the critical data and communications infrastructure that powers the world over the next few years.

5G Internet is roughly 10 to 20 times faster than 4G so there are some massive benefits. No countries have yet rolled out 5G but it’s not far off. The latest estimates are that New Zealand could have a 5G network available by late 2020.

News Update

More peace of mind with Barracuda
In January we raised our Barracuda partner level to Premium after completing more training. Barracuda is our chosen platform for email security, Office 365 backup and data archiving.
Office 365 outages
There were a few Office 365 outages in January and February, with a small percentage of Fission IT clients being affected. No data was lost but access to email and Microsoft Teams was temporarily affected. Our service desk was on standby and received a lot of calls about the issue.
Note there is a third party website where you can check the global status of any Office 365 outages:
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Fission June 2018 Newsletter



We are happy to announce Adriaan as an additional team member on our support desk. Adriaan is Dean’s brother, and a lot of you will have dealt with Dean over the years.

IT Security projects are an increasingly large percentage of the work we are doing in recent months. The clients that have invested in a good firewall, have an extra layer of email filtering, cloud backups, and strong password policies are certainly being affected much less than the ones without, but often it requires an IT security event before the true value of these things are recognized. Most businesses will have IT systems/Data loss on their risk register, but its the actions taken that count.

Congratulations to Ben, Steven C and James S here for their recent Microsoft Server 2016 and Cloud tech certifications.


UFB Speeds to International websites and cloud services


There is often a misunderstanding as to the difference between internet access speeds and potential international traffic speeds. Whilst your UFB connection might supply you a 200mb connection speed, that is effectively the speed between your location and the Exchange that your ISP uses. Once your traffic leaves there it is at the mercy of other network speeds, and when it leaves NZ to head off overseas to connect to things like Office 365 and other cloud services your ISP hands that traffic over to other companies.

There are many factors that can affect international speeds, most of which are not under the control of the ISP.  Your router/firewall, the receiving/sending connection speed, it’s available capacity at any given moment, the limits it may apply on individual sessions, the distance and latency to get to/from that location all affect performance.

The bottom line is if you increase your UFB speed from 100mb to 200mb, or 1000mb, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will  see any quicker speeds to the overseas services, but your national traffic will be faster.

There are certainly premium internet services available that offer guaranteed minimum international bandwidth, but these can be quite expensive.


Microsoft News


Microsoft continues to push its customers into monthly subscription based services. In 2020 it is understood that Microsoft intends to only allow access to its online services (such as Office 365) to those who pay for their Microsoft Office licenses via subscription. More info

Microsoft have revealed that they are bumping up the SharePoint data storage allocation that comes with Office 365. Each company now gets 1TB plus 10GB per user. So, a 20 user site would get 1.2TB (1200GB) of usable storage space in SharePoint all included in their base Office 365 licensing.
This change will take effect in July. If you are currently paying for extra storage space that you will no longer need to, it can be adjusted once the new limits are in place.


Draytek Router Cyber Attack


There has recently been a cyber attack on Draytek routers which effectively takes over the router, and changes network settings so that your computers have their web traffic redirected to malicious/fake web pages.

When you login the criminals now have your username and password. The site will normally redirect you back to the genuine web site to avoid arousing suspicion.  This could be a banking site, social media, other financial site or anything else.

We are actively working through the sites we are aware of who still run Draytek routers to install the latest software update for the router (that was released as a fix by Draytek). If you have a Draytek router and are aware of any suspicious activity let us know asap!

More Info




You may have noticed a surge in the last month or so of notifications from various companies you have used in the past who are sending out email notifications of their new terms. This stems from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations which came into effect on May 25th.

The GDPR is a directive our of Europe which effectively puts regulatory teeth into governmental guidance about how EU member states handle personally identifiable information.
The fines in the EU are large for non-compliance, so companies are taking notice.

More info on how it can affect NZ based companies


PC Productivity Tips


WINDOWS 10 – Did you know – you can log into a computer with a PIN number, a fingerprint, a webcam, a picture password, so there are plenty of options to make logins easy on your device!

OUTLOOK – Setup one-click Quick Steps to move emails to certain folders quickly More info

EXCEL – Quickly add an entire column or row by clicking in the first empty cell in the column. Then enter ALT + ‘=’ (equals key) to add up the numbers in every cell above.

WORD – The wrong formatting can really mess up a document, whether you’ve edited it yourself or pasted it in from somewhere else. Use Ctrl+Space or click the Clear All Formatting button (an eraser on an A on the Home tab) to remove formatting from highlighted text.

Questions around anything on this newsletter?
We are here to help – please contact us on 09 527 2100




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3 reasons why computer security updates are vital to your companies safety


Most of us have experienced the annoyance of waiting for our computers to update while we anxious drum our fingers wanting to move onto the next task. But rather than be annoyed, it is important to remember why we have these updates in the first place. In this blog post, we will discuss 3 things to know about why updates are vital for your company’s safety.

Hackers Exploit Out-of-Date Systems

Updates and patches are there for one main reason—to fix issues that users or the developers themselves have identified. Some of these errors allow for malicious users to hack into your computer or network and wreak havoc. You can liken a computer without the most recent updates to a business leaving their front door unlocked. It only takes someone with the wrong intent to check that door and find out it is open for them to cause whatever harm they desire.

Updates Can Pile Up

When you aren’t consistent about letting your computer update, the updates pile up and there never seems like a good time for you computer to spend an hour updating. Staying on top of your updates keeps your computer safe from being vulnerable. At Fission, we suggest planning updates for a time when your network isn’t busy. Perhaps set a weekly reminder on your phone or computer to run any updates on your computer if your device is not managed by us. Make it right before your lunch break or run updates before a meeting when you won’t be needing your device so it can update without causing any inconvenience to you.

Fission Can Help

At Fission IT, we can help manage your updates so they don’t seem overwhelming while still providing all the security you need for your computers and systems. Don’t leave your door unlocked—so to speak—and encourage staff to complete regular updates. To find out more about how Fission IT Security Services NZ can help, contact us today.

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4 ways to keep your data safe

Security breaches can be disastrous for a business. Stolen data can result in financial liability and loss of customer confidence. Ransomware and other sabotage will lead to downtime and even permanent data loss. To avoid such outcomes, you need a comprehensive security strategy.

Access control

Only authorized people should have access to internal software and sensitive data. All accounts need to have strong passwords. Two-factor authentication gives greater protection, so that a stolen or guessed password isn’t enough to get in. Employees should have only the amount of access they need.

Employee accounts shouldn’t be accessible over the public Internet. Telecommuting is an excellent benefit, but employees should have access only through a VPN or equivalent security.

Software protection

Every computer on the network should have anti-malware software, and it needs to be regularly updated. New threats appear on the Internet every day, and any that get through to your computer can do serious damage if they aren’t caught quickly.

Spam filtering is equally necessary. If someone opens a malicious email attachment, it can mean serious trouble. If phishing mail doesn’t reach the victim’s inbox, it can’t do any harm.

Data encryption

Data that leaves the premises should be encrypted, and so should any sensitive on-premises data. If confidential information such as financial data needs to be stored, it should be in a hashed or encrypted form. Laptops and phones that hold proprietary information should use whole-device encryption.

Defense in depth is what this is about. Attackers shouldn’t have access to the data in the first place, but if they get it, it should be in a form they can’t do anything with.


People can delete data by mistake, or malware can destroy it. To keep it safe, you need an up-to-date offsite backup. If your only backup is on the premises and connected to the computer, it can be wiped out along with the original. The more frequent the backups are, the lower the risk. The backup needs to be encrypted both in transit and where it’s stored.

We are an IT company who provides managed IT support services that will keep your systems safe and smoothly running. Contact Fission to learn what we can do for you.

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How to Lower The Cost of Your Company’s IT

How to Lower The Cost of Your Company’s IT

IT operations can be expensive to handle in-house for any business. Many businesses don’t even have the ability to manage IT operations within on their own. Unless you are an IT Services company, these operations probably aren’t considered core to your business plans.

Finding IT support people to fill your staff is whole different ball game. Whether it’s knowledge and expertise or you’re trying to save on payroll, outsourcing may be a better idea.

Outsourced IT support has many benefits and it’s becoming a popular way for many businesses to manage this department. Wouldn’t you rather rest assured that your IT needs are taken care of, constantly, without the extra headaches?

In this article, we’re discussing how outsourced IT support can lower your company cost.

Keep reading to learn more.


Outsourcing allows a company to seek the best support and professional service available for a particular product. Outsourced IT support is no different.

IT Support Services NZ based staff will be knowledgeable and probably considered experts in the field. Their experience, coupled with fast and effective troubleshooting and fixes will save you lots of headaches. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re trying to promote your business or sales is an IT problem.

The efficiency and speed of an IT support specialist rival no other support you can get in the field of business.

Save on Investment

Instead of investing in an infrastructure for an IT department for your business, consider outsourced IT support, instead.

Outsourcing allows you to pass the infrastructure and development of your IT needs on to the specialized staff working for you. You can make it a requirement of the contract to build the IT for your company as necessary or required.

Save on Training and Recruiting

Training and recruiting, especially for IT can cost thousands of dollars to find the right staff. You want people with specialized skills that can handle a diverse workload and fix problems immediately.

You can save time to focus on other necessary functions of your business instead of arranging training programs and other meetings necessary for your IT staff. With outsourced support, you can hand the work directly over to the experts that will provide quality work, the first time.

24/7 Support

If you carry in-house support, your IT team are only working during business hours. With outsourcing, you can assign something at five o’ clock in the afternoon and expect it back on your desk the next morning because the IT support works on a different schedule.

Quicker Turnaround Times

Along with faster results, outsourced IT support allows you focus your attention on the business instead of IT problems.

Outsourcing puts some of the work on the outsourcing company when it comes to developing new ideas and concepts. They can help deliver faster products and ideas that may even give you a competitive edge.

Access the Best Talent

IT specialists can be difficult to come by, whether you’re looking to fill one vacancy or an entire department. It’s also an expensive position or positions to fill. But you want the best of the best, don’t you?

Access some of the best talent available by outsourcing your IT functions to specialists. They are knowledgeable and specifically trained to handle the daily needs of your business.

Risk Management

What if something occurs that prevents your company from running daily operations as normal? Usually, everything would stop, including IT operations.

With outsourced IT support, you can rest assured that your IT department is continuously functioning at optimal levels. No matter what stops your other daily operations from proceeding at full speed.

Consider this a risk management strategy that can even get the company back on track after a loss.

Cost Savings

Outsourced IT support is a sure way to save your company money. Outsourcing this type of work can be done for a very low cost in comparison to doing it yourself.

When you consider that the support you’re receiving from an outsourced company is professional and experienced, there’s no question. IT is an important component of your business after all. You need it to run smoothly and efficiently to keep other operations productive.

Outsourced IT support is cost-effective for the overall function of your business.

Outsourced IT Support

There’s no sense in spending extra money on IT support when you can outsource it for a significant savings overall.

Outsourcing is a popular way for many businesses to handle their costs. It’s one of the best ways to utilize your resources to the fullest. You can even stay ahead of your competition because your IT runs smoothly with outsourced support.

The benefits of outsourcing are beyond cost savings, too. Keep these tips in mind when you’re faced with the decision to outsource IT support.

If you’re ready to see what outsourcing can do for your business, contact us. We are a managed IT service provider based in Auckland, New Plymouth and Hawke’s Bay.

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