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Fission IT has 25+ staff and has provided professional IT Support and IT services to businesses throughout Auckland, New Plymouth and New Zealand since 2007. We work with our clients to achieve the best possible technology solutions for their businesses.

IT can make or break your business. Every interaction, transaction and strategic decision you make depends on a reliable, efficient and secure IT system to support you. When you partner with Fission, you’re choosing to take control of your business, by allowing our experts to handle your IT operations with proven Managed IT Services.

We help growing businesses manage their IT infrastructure to prevent tech related growing pains.



Growing your business is the goal of most business owners. But achieving that growth can come with inevitable growing pains. IT infrastructure is one area that businesses need to rethink as they grow, but the process doesn’t have to be painful.

At Fission IT, we think there’s a smarter way to manage the IT needs of your business as it grows. An approach that allows you to achieve the outcomes you’re after for your business, while managing the costs and technology transitions that come with moving your business into a more scalable structure.

We’ve worked with plenty of small business owners over the years, helping them to understand where and how IT infrastructure changes or upgrades can support their goals to scale to a larger business and enjoy the efficiencies that come with it. Most of all, we’re focused on solutions that work with where a businesses budgets are today, moving them toward their growth goals as budgets and roll-out timings allow.

If you’re a business that’s looking to grow, talk to the company that can help you optimise your IT infrastructure to achieve it.

We provide a comprehensive range of premium IT Support Services

Fission IT can supply all of your organisation’s IT needs: computer systems set-up, support, monitoring & management, an ultra-responsive helpdesk, IT consulting, management and strategy as well as the capability to deliver the range of IT projects your business needs to stay competitive and productive.

We work hard to ensure that we provide Auckland and national based SMEs with a gold-standard 24×7 IT Support service. We are transparent and vendor-neutral, impartially providing the best in Cloud Services, Networking, Communications and Backup Systems as well as Printing, Licencing, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery and IT Security.

We work with a broad range of business partners without being tied to any particular vendor and our terms are the most flexible, fairest and clearest in the industry. We can work on a fixed cost unlimited support or timecard based agreement – or somewhere in between.

First Class IT Support

With three locations nationally and a large number of clients spread throughout the country we are ready to help. When you and your systems need us for the best in IT Support, we’re there. From a basic computer support and systems monitoring service to a bespoke fully managed outsourcing arrangement we keep businesses, large and small, running smoothly.

We tailor our services to provide a fully bespoke support package to suit your needs, backed by a simple, clear and effective Service Level Agreement. Get in touch now.

How we deliver our service to our clients

We work to create technology platforms for our clients that meet the needs of what they want from their business  today and in the future. That includes working with clients to understand the budget and resource constraints they have today, so that we can map out a plan of how they can work towards an optimal solution for their business tomorrow.  It’s easier said than done, but it’s our specialty.

Our clients enjoy working with us because….

  • They end up with a technology platform that keeps working as they grow​
  • They can plan and cashflow their investments in IT services and infrastructure so it’s aligned to the way their business is growing.​
  • Our team can handle IT issues quickly and over the phone – all in a friendly and empathic manner, which is appreciated by every staff member who calls.​
  • We don’t bill out work unless we discussed and quoted it in advance. No one likes a bad surprise.​
  • We offer options not a single solution – and we work with clients on roll-out plans to ensure our recommendations can be aligned to budgets and cashflow timings.​
  • Their staff have less downtime, less issues and a faster response when they do have a problem. It means they can get on with their jobs – often more effectively.​
  • We provide an audit of possible areas of risk so business owners have more control over the IT risks they want to take and the ones they want us to resolve.​
  • We help them to feel comfortable that their IT needs are reliably taken care of.

Westmount Education

“Westmount School have been working closely with Fission IT Support since 2010 and have found them approachable, prompt and courteous. Our school operates from over 20 sites nationwide and we have found that our IT Services are managed in a professional manner by Fission IT, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as a competent IT Support Provider”

Milsons company logo

“Fission have been providing the Milson Group with IT support and services for about 3 years now. They have helped us transition through some significant changes over that time including server replacements, Office 365 migration and through a period of sustained growth in our IT platform. They know what they’re doing and have an excellent team of techs who are always thoroughly professional and helpful. I like the way I can contact a support tech directly if I have an urgent problem and get on the spot help. Their helpdesk service also works equally well for the non-urgent requests. Would totally recommend Fission as a very reliable and capable IT company.”

Betacraft Clothing

“We have found the IT support and services provided by Fission over the past 6 years to be second to none. The team at Fission are reliable, on to it, fast to respond and great to deal with. Fission have a great team of tech’s and no problem is ever too big or small. The team at Fission are very professional and the support system is fantastic, meaning every contact and request is handled in an effective and timely manner. Having Fission take care of all our IT services has meant we can have an even greater focus on growing our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fission.”

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