Fission supplies, maintains and monitors physical and virtual servers

Most businesses have some sort of requirement to centralize data and applications. Fission have designed and implemented many hundreds of server solutions. We will work with you to carefully understand your requirements. There are many options available, each with different pros/cons/costs. Windows Server 2016 has some great features to ensure your business applications run fast and reliably.

We will help you decide on the correct server solution for your business
  • Tower or Rack mounted servers onsite or in a remote datacentre
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Cloud Servers, VPS
  • Application/Database hosting
  • SQL, Exchange, File Servers, Domain Controllers, Remote Desktop Services, Print Servers
  • HP Servers, Lenovo Servers


Public Cloud Servers

Public Cloud Servers

Want to put your applications and data in a public cloud?

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are the two main vendors we use for our clients public cloud servers. Both are very large vendors with a wide range of options in terms of performance and security. Over time these solutions are getting faster and less costly. We can even give you a free demo of different cloud server platforms, and then manage the implementation project from start to finish


Private Cloud Servers

Private Cloud Servers

Prefer your Cloud server to be run in New Zealand?

Fission have run a scalable private cloud based in an New Zealand datacentre since 2012. If you want your company data to reside in-country talk to us about migrating your existing servers, or setting up a new server in our private cloud. We have a large amount of redundancy built into our platform and with the servers being in New Zealand instead of overseas the network performance is optimal. Security is a major focus of this environment, and all the servers are replicated offsite for extra safety.


Lenovo Server

On Premises Servers

Like your servers where you can see them?

Many businesses have good reasons for wanting their servers and data kept onsite, talk to us about our Lenovo, HP and Cisco UCS options. Fission supplies Windows based Servers throughout New Zealand


Datacentre Servers

Datacentre Servers

Our datacentre solutions include:

  • Colocation of servers
  • Private cloud network
  • Dedicated physical Servers
  • Managed Firewalls