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Fission supplies and configures physical and virtual servers

Most businesses with more than 5 employees will have some sort of requirement to centralize data and applications. Fission have designed and implemented hundreds of server solutions. We will work with you to carefully understand your requirements. There are more options available currently than any time in the past, and in a lot of cases a hybrid approach is required.

We will help you decide on the correct server solution for your business
  • Tower or Rack mounted servers
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Full Cloud virtual servers
  • Application hosting




Cloud Server solutions

Want to put your applications and data in the cloud?

There are a large number of options, from running your servers in a NZ datacentre, to putting them out in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. We can advise the pros and cons to help you choose location, and even give you a free demo of different cloud server platforms, and then manage the implementation project from start to finish



On Premises Server Solutions

Prefer your servers where you can see them?

Many businesses still have good reasons for wanting their servers and data kept onsite, talk to us about the options