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In today’s age of connectivity and growing incidents of cybercrime, security has never been so critical for businesses large or small. The majority of businesses only have a minority of their technology managed from a security perspective

Line-of-business applications, finance systems, printers, mobile phones, switches, desktops, and servers are found in every business with a range of different providers responsible for their upkeep. Fission has been alarmed how few of these are configured correctly, often unknowingly leaving open huge security vulnerabilities.
Unsecure remote access into company servers, guest wifi access that is on the same network as company PCs and Servers, and desktops highly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. These are a few of the more common issues we come across. Email Security is a huge focus at present
As always, we implement solutions that are found in large enterprises and have developed these for smaller organisations, ensuring they meet both commercial and technical requirements.

We recommend and install the most advanced defences, including:

  • Managed Fortinet (Fortigate) Next Generation Firewalls, Fortianalyzer  More Info 

  • Managed Email security (Barracuda)  More Info

  • Web Traffic filtering (Various)

  • Managed Antivirus (Eset)  More Info

  • DNS Filtering (Cisco DNS Umbrella)  More Info

  • Security as a Service (AI) 

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