IGel thin clients. Many functions. One device.




IGel is revolutionising thin clients – and taking you far beyond the capabilities of the PC. Combining unique vision, experience and world-class German engineering, it’s produced thin clients that give you many more functions than other vendors. In fact, an IGel thin client can act as your phone, multimedia display, or app terminal, as well as delivering your server-based Windows or legacy applications


Fission is an authorized IGel partner. We have considerable experience in designing solutions using IGel products


Benefits of IGel Thin clients
  • No moving parts, e.g. cooling fans
    The absence of moving parts means the devices are almost noiseless and fail-safe with minimal heat generation.
  • Affordable
    A low price and high energy efficiency guarantee low TCOs and a fast ROI
  • VESA mountable (optional)
    Mountable on the back of a monitor with the optional VESA bracket, ideal for space constraint environments.
  • Multi Monitor Support for productivity
  • Long Service Life
  • Universal Management Suite software for easy centralized management


Header_IZ2_UD2_EN_min.jpgIGel UD2

Excellent Price Performance

 A small, affordable, energy efficient hardware platform that can be VESA mounted on the back of a monitor


Header_IZ3_UD3_EN_min.jpgIGel UD3

This is one of most popular models

An affordable, compact, versatile mid-range hardware platform


header_UD5_INT_min.jpgIGel UD5

A powerful and expandable hardware platform

It’s high speed processor and graphics can support demanding applications or many applications running simultaneously. It supports the broadest set of connectivity to peripherals




Universal Desktop Converter

The IGEL Universal Desktop Converter is capable of turning a legacy PC into a modern, manageable and secure IGEL thin client. A great way to get an extended life out of your old PCs 






IGEL UD Pocket

          Portable Universal Thin Client


The IGEL UD Pocket is the portable universal desktop Thin Client for evolving workspace environments. No larger than a paper clip, UD Pocket provides the flexibility to boot from IGEL Universal Desktop or the local operating system on a PC, laptop or any compatible endpoint device.