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Cloud Services

Pay per user, flexible cloud solutions 

The ‘cloud’ and the applicability of this technology to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) is a source of much debate and mis-information. Cloud is now a widely used concept and also a widely misused term, which has left many companies not knowing how – and if – to proceed.

At Fission, we believe deploying cloud services can result in significant benefits, chief of which is greater choice and flexibility in IT infrastructure design. However, as with any other technology, the deployment of cloud services needs to be considered in light of overall business requirements. Our consultants and engineers are expert in guiding you through the decision making process to ascertain if and where cloud is right for you.


Private Cloud – Enabling you to benefit from using the cloud concepts but providing the control and security you need to meet your requirements. Ideal for those organisations that need full control and flexibility.


Cloud infrastructure projects


End-to-end design, planning, procurement and implementation of cloud solutions.

We perform all the necessary work to take your existing infrastructure, right-size and build the target infrastructure, and migrate your data. If the user experience changes - we also help train staff to make sure they are fully benefiting from the new solution.

We specialise in performing this work with minimal impact on you and your colleagues.


Cloud PBX

Looking to move away from an older on premises PBX to a full cloud PBX solution?

Anywhere there is an internet connection you have full phone functionality- giving you worldwide voice services at a fraction of the cost and no tether. You can have a conventional phone at your desk or a soft phone on your computer. There are soft phone apps for most types of mobile phones, tablets and computers.


Cloud backup


Secure, robust, restore and data management services utilising the Fission backup platform.
Our solution can scale to many Terabytes - with tiered storage so you pay based for storage and recovery times.