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UFB Fibre is being deployed to the premise boundary of schools, health premises, businesses and homes, reaching 75% of New Zealanders in 33 towns and cities around New Zealand by 2019. The 33 locations for UFB deployment were selected as they are expected to be the country’s largest population centers according to Statistics New Zealand projections for 2021. The boundaries for UFB coverage relate to areas have been agreed in contracts between Crown Fibre Holdings and its partners. They are generally aligned to the areas defined as “urban” by local authorities.

There is a misconception that all UFB connections are the same. There are a number of services available for business, and they start at the lowest level with the basic UFB connection, which is either 100Mbps or 200Mbps but with only a guaranteed connection speed of 2.5Mbps and a general SLA for fix time of 48 hours. For a lot of our clients that type of connection isn’t good enough. There are a large number of options around minimum guaranteed connection speed. A popular UFB connection choice for example is a 200/200Mbps connection, with minimum guaranteed speed of 50Mbps with a 6 hour fix time. More recently, Gigabit Fibre (1000Mbps download) has started to become more popular due to increased cloud services and more affordable pricing.

UFB is a shared service, and some clients prefer a dedicated connection.

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