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Meeting Room AV & Dashboard Solutions


Live Dashboard Solutions have grown in popularity in recent years and continue to be an easy way of displaying performance data to multiple people.

With a dedicated PC running your preferred dashboard, either via a webpage or a dashboard application, this solution is simple to set-up and requires very little power to run.

Dashboards can display a wide range of data with most major accounting, sales and project software including a dashboard tool or with a 3rd party offering software that pulls data from your key applications.

Once setup, dashboards require very little maintenance. They can be controlled via an optional wireless keyboard, a smartphone or remotely via another PC.


Meeting Room AV Solutions modernise and simplify your collaborative workspaces, whether it be a large conference room or a small office space.

By having a dedicated PC; it’s all set up and always ready. Simply, host your video conference on a dedicated computer in a meeting room and share your screen wirelessly.

  • Same ready-to-go experience each time
  • Predictable bandwidth, power, CPU and connectivity
  • Each meeting room can have a customized identity

These AV solutions allow for more than just video conferencing. You can easily use the solution to display a multimedia presentation, stream a training video or even have running as a collaboration workspace.

You can download our Meeting Room AV & Dashboard Solutions product sheet by clicking here.
These solutions can be tailored to suit your individual purpose, so feel free to contact us today with your requirements.