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Gigabit Fibre Now Available


Chorus has started offering Gigabit Fibre to Residential and SME Business connections across it's entire UFB network.

This service will allow for download speeds between 900 to 970Mbps and upload speeds of up to 500Mbps. Currently the average speed across Chorus' networks is around 31Mbps.

This upgrade doesn't require any on-site visit from Chorus for existing Fibre customers.

Have you considered upgrading to a faster Fibre connection? Did you know Fission can supply data connections including ADSL, VDSL and UFB Fibre? Get in touch if you would like to know more.

Virtual Workplaces - Coming Soon


Virtual and Augmented Reality is coming to a workplace near you in the not to distant future.
VR and AR are going to change the way businesses operate in a major way.

Imagine working at a desk without screens in front of you, attending a meeting in an empty room with participants from around the world appearing next to you or training to use new equipment without the risk of serious injury.
These are all made possible with VR and AR.

Whilst these technologies are still in their very early stages, they are expected to become a major part of our day to day lives.

Businesses that sell an installed product will be able to show the customer how it looks on-site and change things on the fly. For example; an office fit out company will be able to propose a design to a customer in their brand new, empty office building. They can change colours, move furniture and adjust the interior lighting. All this by wearing some fancy goggles.

These technologies are here to stay and they will definitely change the way everyone does business.

Is it time to move to Windows 10 Pro already?


With Windows 7 already outside of mainstream support, Microsoft is advising companies to start purchasing Windows 10 devices going forward to avoid a repeat of the Windows XP end of support saga.
Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 has extended support until January 14th 2020.

Considering modern devices, Windows 10 is necessary for full support of some hardware and interfaces. The latest Intel, AMD and Qualcomm processors are only supported by Windows 10. Advanced features like power management and IO standards suchs as USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt have also been problematic on older operating systems.

In a recent Microsoft TechNet blog post by Markus Nitschke, head of Windows at Microsoft Germany, Nitschke stated that organisations should transition in good time, otherwise their sensitive data will be faced by "enormous dangers" over the next three years and any transition period.

Has your business started moving to Windows 10 Pro? Do you have any devices running Windows 7 or older?
Talk to our team if you have any concerns about the end of Windows 7 support. 

Google releases Pixel smartphone to compete in growing market


Google has released its latest smartphone designed to go head-to-head with the flagship models from Samsung and Apple.

The Google Pixel comes in 2 different sizes, 3 different colours and 2 different storage sizes.
Claiming the "highest rated smartphone camera" and "a battery that lasts all day". Google also offers unlimited storage for your photos and videos.

With an aluminium unibody, Gorilla® Glass, 12.3MP rear and 8MP front cameras, 2770/3450 mAh battery, 2.15GHz Quad Core processor and 4GB RAM, the Pixel sure has the specs to compete.

However, with all these features comes a top-tier price tag.
The 5" model starts at $1250 and the Pixel XL at $1450.

Do you think Google can rival the top smartphone brands?
Read more about the Pixel here. 

Ransomware Attacks on SMBs Increased Eightfold


According to a report by the Kaspersky Security Network, small and medium businesses have faced eight times more ransomware attacks compared to Q3 last year (2015).

Ransomware, such as the nutorious CryptoLocker, blocks all operations or encrypts business data until a ransom is paid. A successful attack usually leads to shutdown of critical business operations and significant financial loss.

“Threats in the small business sector are constantly increasing, so even the smallest companies need to be able to protect themselves,” said Vladimir Zapolyansky, head of SMB marketing, Kaspersky Lab. “When it comes to ransomware, paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee that data will be returned safely. To ensure protection from ransomware and other types of attacks, businesses need to implement reliable up-to-date information security solutions as a preventive measure – it is always easier to prevent threats, than respond to them when the damage has already been done.”

If you're concerned about the risk of ransomware, get in touch with our team today.

Microsoft HoloLens in New Zealand


New Zealanders can now preorder their own Microsoft HoloLens, the world's first self-contained holographic computer, which is due to ship later this year.

Already we are seeing what the HoloLens is capable of with large companies like Volvo Cars, Autodesk and Lowe's all creating technologies to utilise the holographic capabilities.

Lowe's recently demonstrated a preview of the home renovation app it developed with Microsoft HoloLens at the Microsoft Ignite conference. With HoloLens, Lowe's was able to show potential customers how renovations would look with different combinations being chosen on the fly.

HoloLens and other virtual reality and holographic technologies are already making a difference in the way that business sell and market their products.

See what HoloLens is doing in the commercial industry HERE

Windows Server 2016 Coming Soon


Windows Server 2016 is currently in its final stages of testing with a release expected at the end of September.

This new version of Windows Server offers the latest in server operating system technology with improved Graphics and Cloud Intergration for Remote Desktop Services, improved Server Management and Security, as well as improved Virtualisation.

If you're looking for a new server solution, ask us about Server 2016 today.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Microsoft has released it's Anniversary update for Windows 10 which brings a whole range of new features and tweaks to the already popular operating system.

Behind the scenes Microsoft is working hard to make Windows safer and more secure. Paired with Anti-Virus such as ESET NOD32, this helps to keep you and your company safe.

The latest update also adds functionality features; Microsoft Edge browser now allows browser extensions, capture notes and drawings with Windows Ink, pin an application to multiple virtual desktops at once, and many more.

You can see a full list of Windows 10 features on Microsoft's website: Click here

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ending


Microsoft is currently allowing free upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
We have recently been busy rolling out upgrades to multiple clients whilst they make the most of this offer.
Unfortunately, the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 will end on July 29, 2016. Meaning that time is quickly running out.

With Windows 7 already being almost 7 years old and extended support ending in 2020, Microsoft is trying to help move it's customers onto the new operating system.
Once upgraded, the device will have a valid Windows 10 license for the rest of its operational life.

Have you thought of upgrading?

Fission has moved office


We are happy to announce that over the weekend we have moved to a newly built space at the same address. Strong growth over the last few years has made this move necessary

This is just one of the many exciting developments underway at Fission currently


.NZ Domain registration


.NZ Domain Name Changes - Preferential registration / reservation rights expire 1pm, 30 March 2015


If you are eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of your name, you need to decide if you want to do so by 1pm, 30 March 2015. If you don’t, then the shorter version of your domain name will become available for someone else to register.

Office 2016 is here


Microsoft has released Office 2016. For those of you with the appropriate Office 365 licensing you can upgrade now. Our clients are reporting some software addins for Outlook are not yet functioning with Office 2016 so our recommendation is to upgrade one of your computers first to confirm your line of business applications are all compatabile

Microsoft Office 2016 is coming


Since the launch of Office 2016 on Windows Preview earlier this year, more than one million customers have used it across both Windows and Mac platforms according to Microsoft and that has been followed by a number of updates including:

  • Real Time Presence in word
  • Simplified file sharing
  • Insights (powered by Bing) in Office
  • Version History improvements
  • Improved grammar checker
  • Improved Power Pivot improvements

Full release is estimated at Q4 2015

Note that you need to be an Office 365 customer in order to try Office 2016 and you won't be able to run both (2016 and 2013) concurrently unfortunately

Preview is available at:



Why Microsoft is calling Windows 10 'the last version of Windows'


"Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10." That was the message from Microsoft employee Jerry Nixon, a developer evangelist speaking at the company's Ignite conference this week. Nixon was explaining how Microsoft was launching Windows 8.1 last year, but in the background it was developing Windows 10. Now, Microsoft employees can talk freely about future updates to Windows 10 because there's no secret update in the works coming next. It's all just Windows 10. While it immediately sounds like Microsoft is killing off Windows and not doing future versions, the reality is a little more complex. The future is "Windows as a service."

Office 365 email size limits increased


Microsoft has announced that Office 365 (Exchange Online) now supports up to 150MB email messages. This is quite a large increase from the previous limit of 25MB

Read more here